Name of Major
Cost per Year
1. Dental Major
1. Harvard University
1. Cambridge, MA
1. $75,319
2. Dental Assistant Major
2. YTI Career Institute
2. Lancaster, PA
2. $15,200
3. Dental Hygienist
3. University of Southern California
3. Los Angeles, CA
3. $55,491

Harvard Mascot: John Harvard
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YTI Career Institute
University of Southern California
High School
1. Scholarly Inquiry of Medicine
1. Dental Anatomy/Terminology
1. Fundamentals of Clinical Dental Hygiene
1. Anatomy
2. Introduction to the Profession
2. Dental Sciences
2. Dental Morphology Labratory
2. Biology
3. Patient-Doctor
3. Student Success Seminar
3. Patient Education in Preventive Dental Care
3. Physics
4. Human Systems
4. Dental Materials
4. Oral Biochemistry
4. Chemistry
5. Oral Pathology and Radiology
5. Dental Chairside Assisting I
5. Basic Tissues & Histology and Embryology
5. Medical Spanish

A) The student to teacher ratio is 9:1
B) Is located in an urban area
C) They run the school year by semesters
D) Cost of attenance is $55,491
E) University of Southern California

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  2. Do not buy the most expensive things
  3. Only buy things that are really needed when you need them
  4. Try to use cash often
  5. Try to use inexpensive substitutes for things like T.V and texting
  6. Unplug and turn off things when not being used
  7. Have a budget
  8. Try to walk to places that are close and in walking range
  9. Do things yourself that can be done instead of going somewhere to pay for it such as washing your own car instead of going to a car wash
  10. Reuse things like water bottles and use old clothes as rags to maybe wash your car